Floral Arrangements


FRESH FLOWERS IN THE HOUSE I always have fresh flowers in our home and I love to arrange them myself. Flowers add life, warmth, color and a subtle scent to any room. I save LOTS of money by buying flowers at the Open Market every Saturday for half of what they cost in...

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Flower Arrangements

I love fresh flowers and I always have them in our home. The flowers shown  on these pages are from my own garden and the open market. Buying flowers from the open market is the way to go, they are much fresher, prettier, cheaper and last twice as long than super...

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Home Decor Flower Hack

I always mix my real flowers with fake ones! I save a lot of $ by mixing them. I do it for arrangements inside our home and outside in the garden! Can you guess which are the fakes? The beautiful vases are from @bricksandbeamshome one of my favorite places for home...

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